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Wendy's introduces AI chatbot

That will take drive-thru orders in the US

Hey Waivly Crew! Sam Bankman-Fried has asked a U.S. judge to drop most of the criminal charges against him. Wendys will begin testing an AI chatbot next month that can take drive-thru orders.

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Sam Bankman-Fried files to dismiss almost all charges


Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), the founder of the failed crypto exchange FTX, has filed a pretrial motion to dismiss 10 out of 13 charges against him.

In Monday'sfilingsin a Manhattan federal court, SBF's attorneys moved to dismiss all but three charges: conspiracy to commit securities fraud, securities fraud, and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

SBF was initially extradited to the U.S. from the Bahamas to face eight charges, includingfraudandmoney laundering allegations.

However, his legal team argues that four of the five additional charges that were added since February violate the Treaty's rule of specialty provision.

Under the rule of specialty," the requesting state (the U.S.) can only prosecute the extradited person (SBF) for the offense for which they were extradited.

During the extradition proceedings in The Bahamas, it was the understanding of all parties in court, coram judice繡 and the Court itself, that the specialty provisions applied notwithstanding the use of the simplified procedure. There was no waiver of the rule of specialty. To the contrary, there was an express acknowledgment that it applied, the lawyers argued.

Prosecutors have until May 29th to respond to SBF's dismissal request, while U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan is set to hear arguments on June 15th.

The Waves

Meta open-sources multisensory AI model

Binance launches Capital Connect platform

Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, others to join new blockchain

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Tech Special

Wendys has partnered with Google to create an AI chatbot that can take orders at its drive-thrus,The Wall Street Journalreported Tuesday.

The fast-food chain plans to bring its first Wendys FreshAI enabled drive-thru to a company-owned Columbus, Ohio, restaurant in June.

The chatbot will be able to take verbal orders from customers who line up at Wendys drive-thru kiosks, with the goal of streamlining the ordering process and reducing long wait times.

It will be very conversational, Wendy's Chief Executive, Todd Penegor, told the WSJ. You wont know youre talking to anybody but an employee.

To achieve that, Wendys software engineers worked with Google to build and fine-tune a chatbot on top of the company's existing large language model (LLM).

During this process, the AI was trained to recognize customers' lingo when they order items like burgers and fries from Wendy's menu. For example: "JBC," which stands for a junior bacon cheeseburger, or "biggie bags," which refers to different combinations of burgers, chicken nuggets, and soft drinks.

Once the chatbot takes an order, it will appear on a screen for line cooks. A worker will then hand the prepared meals to drivers at the pickup window, just like any other order.

Penegor clarified that the introduction of a drive-through chatbot does not mean workers will be replaced. Instead, it will help workers do their job more efficiently by taking on many of their manual tasks.

Major Changes To Your LinkedIn Profile You Need To Know About

LinkedIn will discontinue its China-focused jobs app, InCareer, and lay off 716 employees worldwide.

The move, announced Monday, will affect around 3.5% of LinkedIns 20,000 employees worldwide.

In a memo to employees, LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky said the move to cut roles in its sales, operations, and support teams was aimed at streamlining the company's operations.

"With the market and customer demand fluctuating more, and to serve emerging and growth markets more effectively, we are expanding the use of vendors," Roslansky wrote.

Roslansky also said that the changes would result in creating 250 new jobs, which employees affected by the cuts would be eligible to apply for.

In addition, LinkedIn announced that it was shutting down InCareer, the slimmed down jobs app that replaced the localized LinkedIn social networking site when it closed in 2021.

The service will be phased out by August 9th, but the company will keep a presence in China to help local groups hire and train employees outside the country, it said.

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