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💙 Perks of Waivly+

Exclusive content, news, insights, events, and much more

As a Waivly+ member, you get access to lots of exciting perks as part of your premium membership. From exclusive content, news, and insights around all things Web3, AI, and tech, to events, a members-only weekly newsletter, resources, private Waivly Discord channels, and lots more, there’s so much for you to enjoy with Waivly+!

Let’s do a dive into each perk of Waivly+!

Always On Perks

🌊 Exclusive Content

With Waivly+, you will have access to a huge range of content each and every week which is only accessible to you and other Waivly+ Crew members. This content includes deep insights around Web3, AI, and tech, first access to emerging news stories surrounding these spaces, exclusive recaps so you’re always in the loop, and much more.

All content which is accessible to Waivly+ members only will be displayed with a lock icon on the post, showing that it is accessible to those who apart of Waivly+ only.

👩‍💻 Free Waivly Learn Access

Are you new to Web3, AI, tech, or other future-led spaces? Or do you want to improve your understanding of the spaces and learn more surrounding them? We’ve got you covered with free Waivly Learn access where we teach you all about these spaces in a straightforward and easy to consume style. To access Waivly Learn for free as a Waivly+ member, simply email us at [email protected] and let us know that you would like to have access to the platform and we’ll get you setup in no time.

‍💻 Members-Only Newsletter

Every single Saturday we shared a newsletter exclusively for Waivly+ members. The newsletter features exclusive stories and news, market insights, a full rundown and recap of everything that happened in Web3, AI, and tech throughout the week so you don’t miss a single thing in the spaces, and much more.

👀 First-looks

We have massive ambitions at Waivly and we are always working on huge projects. With Waivly+, you will have early and priority access to these projects. You will get the chance to test them out before anyone else does, give your input to help us shape the future wave, and also get exclusive opportunities with the projects themselves.

🤩 Private Waivly Discord channels

We have a private section in our Discord server which is dedicated to Waivly+ members only. In these channels, you’ll get first-access to content and news, exclusive insights and discussions with the Waivly+ Crew around all things future-led, the ability to more privately network and connect with other tech professionals and enthusiasts, and much more. To get an invite to join the private Discord channels, simply email us at [email protected] and let us know that you would like to have access.

Occasional Perks

🛍️ Giveaways

Who doesn’t love a freebie? As part of your Waivly+ membership, you will have access to occasional giveaways hosted by us and our partners. Through these giveaways, you will get the chance alongside other members to win free merch, Waivly+ membership extensions, exclusive offers on various products, event passes, and lots more.


🏟️ Events

Occasionally we run, host, or attend events surrounding tech. Through Waivly+, you will have access to join these events where possible. The events typical include topic-based discussions, advice and deep dives, insights and analysis on the markets, and more. For events where we are in attendance and can invite others, you will be welcomed to such.

All this and they are just the main perks! We’re always dropping new and exciting things into Waivly+ so your membership is always growing with fresh perks. Ready to join the premium Waivly membership? Great! You can get onboard right now by heading to your account and upgrading, by clicking “Subscribe” on our website, or by clicking this button.

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