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😳 OpenAI Announces GPT-4o

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Hey Waivly Crew! 🌊 In today’s edition, we talk OpenAI’s new AI model with real-time speech and vision capabilities, crypto trading volumes in Brazil surging, and much more. Let’s dive in!

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OpenAI unveils newest AI model, GPT-4o

OpenAI on Monday unveiled GPT-4o, a cutting-edge AI model designed for more natural human-computer interactions. It accepts text, audio, and images as input and generates output in all three formats. Notably, it can recognize emotions, allows interruption mid-speech, and responds swiftly, approaching human conversational speed.

During the live presentation, OpenAI showcased GPT-4o's capabilities, such as real-time translation, assisting in problem-solving, and providing guidance based on audio input. The "o" signifies its omnimodal abilities, being trained across text, vision, and audio within a single neural network, unlike previous models.

OpenAI plans to roll out GPT-4o to all users, including free ones, over the next few weeks. Additionally, a desktop version of ChatGPT, initially for Mac users, became available to paid users on Monday.

Brazil's crypto market booms in early 2024

Crypto trading volumes in Brazil surged in early 2024, with a 30% increase year-over-year, reaching $6 billion in trading volume denominated in Brazilian real from January to May. 

Kaiko Research reported Brazil as Latin America's largest crypto market and the seventh-largest globally in fiat currency trade during 2024. Meanwhile, Mexico saw $3.7 billion in crypto trading volume, and Argentina had approximately $300 million.  

Stablecoins are gaining traction over Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Brazil, with nearly half of all trades involving stablecoins. Tether's USDT market share has risen by almost 20% since the 2021 bull market, according to Kaiko. Moreover, the Brazilian crypto market boasts 13 spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), including popular funds from Hashdex and BlackRock, managing about 2.5 billion reals (~ $500 million) as of March, as per data from B3.

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Meta explores AI-assisted earphones with cameras

Meta is reportedly exploring the development of AI-enabled headphones or earbuds, dubbed "Camerabuds," equipped with outward-facing cameras for real-time AI features, according to a report in The Information. Mark Zuckerberg has reviewed potential designs but remains unsatisfied due to engineering and privacy concerns. 

Meta's track record with hardware projects has been mixed, with successes like its Ray-Ban smart glasses contrasting with discontinued projects like its Portal smart speakers. Nonetheless, integrating Meta AI into more hardware aligns with its goal of competing with leading AI firms.

By incorporating AI features into familiar wearable devices like headphones, Meta aims to capitalize on consumer comfort and potentially surpass the underwhelming performance of AI-specific hardware from other companies.

Sony PlayStation will soon have two CEOs

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has announced a new leadership structure, appointing Hideaki Nishino as CEO of the Platform Business Group and Hermen Hulst as CEO of the Studio Business Group effective June 1.

This change follows Jim Ryan's decision to step down as CEO in March due to the challenges of managing work-life balance between the UK and the US. Both Nishino and Hulst will report to interim CEO Hiroki Totoki, who will continue as Chairman of SIE and President, COO, and CFO of Sony Group Corporation.

Nishino will oversee PlayStation services and product development, third-party collaborations, and commercial operations, including sales and marketing. Hulst, previously Head of PlayStation Studios, will now manage content development for PlayStation consoles and PCs, along with adaptations for movies and TV.

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