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  • 🤯 Nvidia Overtakes Apple In Valuation

🤯 Nvidia Overtakes Apple In Valuation

With a huge new $3 TRILLION Market Cap

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Hey Waivly Crew! 🌊 In today’s edition, Nvidia surpasses Apple in market cap, hitting a $3 trillion valuation. Meanwhile, Coinbase launches a smart wallet to eliminate gas fees and recovery phrases.

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Here’s what’s on the horizon today:

  • Nvidia's market cap briefly surpasses Apple

  • Strategies to navigate the follow-up game

  • Boeing launches long-delayed astronaut capsule

  • 'Stand with Crypto' PAC hits 1 million advocates

  • Coinbase rolls out smart wallet with no gas fees

Let’s dive in!


Nvidia's market cap briefly surpasses Apple

Nvidia surpassed Apple in market cap on Wednesday, now ranking second only to Microsoft. Its market value hit $3 trillion, with a 5% surge in shares. Nvidia's AI chip dominance, especially in data centers, is attracting significant investment.

The company's shares have risen over 24% since its first-quarter earnings report in May. Its data center business revenue spiked by 427%, reaching $22.6 billion, largely driven by GPU sales. Investors are optimistic about Nvidia's sustained growth amid increasing sales to major cloud vendors.

In contrast, Apple faces challenges with stagnant sales growth, particularly in China. Despite being the first trillion-dollar company, it now trails behind both Nvidia and Microsoft in market cap. Nvidia's evolution from gaming to AI has fueled its meteoric rise, with shares soaring over 3,290% in the last five years.

Navigating the follow-up game

In the competitive landscape of job hunting, one often-overlooked aspect can make all the difference between landing the role of your dreams or being lost in the sea of applicants: the art of follow-up 📧 While it may seem trivial, strategic and timely follow-up can significantly enhance your chances of success by keeping you at the forefront of hiring managers' minds

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Boeing launches long-delayed astronaut capsule

Boeing's Starliner spacecraft, carrying NASA astronauts Butch Wilmore and Suni Williams, launched to the International Space Station after overcoming delays. Lifted off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, the mission faced technical challenges with the Atlas rocket and ground computers.

This marks a significant advancement for Boeing's astronaut transportation program, albeit with further milestones ahead, including docking to the ISS and the astronauts' safe return. Boeing aims to become NASA's second astronaut transportation provider, alongside SpaceX, despite facing budget overruns and technical setbacks.

Wilmore and Williams will conduct crucial flight tests during their journey, assessing Starliner's capabilities for future missions, including crew equipment performance, thrust, navigation, communication, and life-support systems.


'Stand with Crypto' PAC hits 1 million advocates

Coinbase's Stand with Crypto Alliance PAC, founded in 2023, rallied over 1 million Americans to advocate for cryptocurrency interests in D.C. With 52 million crypto holders and 87% seeking financial system reform, the PAC highlights that 45% wouldn't support anti-crypto candidates.

Their key focus is advancing the "Financial Innovation and Technology for the 21st Century Act" (FIT21) for a robust crypto regulatory framework. FIT21 passed the House with bipartisan support, notably more from Republicans than Democrats.

Yet, Senate approval remains uncertain, particularly with vocal critics like Elizabeth Warren. The crypto community's activism has elevated the issue, shaping the 2024 presidential election landscape. Notably, even former President Trump's endorsement reflects how crypto has transitioned from a niche to a national priority.

Coinbase rolls out smart wallet with no gas fees

Coinbase is launching a smart wallet to enhance user convenience by eliminating gas fees and recovery phrases. The new Coinbase Wallet integrates with major apps and uses Face ID, Google Chrome profile, fingerprint ID, or Yubikey for onboarding, stored directly on users' devices.

The wallet offers self-custody and allows payments from the user's Coinbase Wallet or account, with developers able to waive gas fees through a paymaster. A companion web app serves as the primary platform for asset and identity management, including buying, sending, swapping, NFTs, and transaction history.

Supporting multiple networks like Base, Ethereum, and Polygon, the smart wallet is free for users and developers. Coinbase emphasizes that this solution makes blockchain onboarding as simple as signing into a favorite website.


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