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🕵️‍♂️ Microsoft Unveils Spy AI Service

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Hey Waivly Crew! 🌊 In today’s edition, we talk Microsoft releasing an internet-free AI model for US spies, South Korea’s new government pushing for a reassessment of spot Bitcoin ETFs, and much more. Let’s dive in!

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Google DeepMind unveils AI model for living cells

Recent AI advancements have captivated attention with dazzling content generation and concerns about job displacement and misinformation. However, AI's most promising applications are found in medicine, with Google's AlphaFold update leading the charge.

Developed by Google DeepMind and Isomorphic Labs, AlphaFold has impressively predicted protein folding, cataloging millions of proteins and aiding discoveries in malaria vaccines and cancer treatments. The new AlphaFold 3 extends its capabilities to model DNA and drug-disease interactions with remarkable accuracy, surpassing existing models by 50 percent.

This breakthrough allows researchers to delve into a wider range of biomolecules, promising transformative impacts in drug design and genomics research. Before AI, protein structure studies required complex methods like X-ray crystallography; now, machine learning predicts structures swiftly based on amino acid patterns.

Microsoft creates top secret AI tool for US spies

Microsoft has unveiled a GPT-4-based AI model tailored for US intelligence, capable of operating offline, Bloomberg reports. This move marks Microsoft's first deployment of a major language model in a secure environment, enabling spy agencies to analyze classified data without internet connectivity risks, and even engage in secure conversations akin to ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot.

Designed to address intelligence agencies' interest in generative AI while guarding against data breaches, the unnamed AI service operates independently of the internet. The project is distinct from the CIA's ChatGPT-like service, signaling a broader trend in secure AI development.

Developed over 18 months, the modified GPT-4 resides on a secure network accessible solely to the US government, emphasizing its isolation from the internet. It's already in use by about 10,000 intelligence personnel for testing and is touted to be actively fielding inquiries.

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Web3 Special

JPMorgan's CEO of Onyx blockchain-based payments, Umar Farooq, highlighted concerns about public blockchains' ability to handle large transactions during the BIS Innovation Summit. He emphasized the need for a Unified Ledger, proposed by BIS, to support substantial financial flows securely.

Farooq pointed out a critical issue: the lack of accountability in public blockchains. He raised the question of liability in case of transaction failures, emphasizing the importance of trust and accountability in financial systems.

Despite his reservations about public blockchains, JPMorgan's Onyx platform operates on a private, permissioned version of Ethereum, allowing for reversible transactions—a contrast to public blockchains' irreversible nature. Farooq also criticized the false incentives driving cryptocurrency adoption on public networks, advocating for blockchain technology as a public good akin to the internet.

South Korea's Democratic Party intends to push for a review of the ban on spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), aiming to make these funds accessible locally. After winning a significant majority in the recent election, the party pledged to enable financial institutions to offer spot crypto ETFs with tax exemptions for retail investors.

The party plans to approach the Financial Services Commission (FSC) when the new National Assembly convenes in June, seeking a reassessment of spot bitcoin ETFs. Currently, the FSC prohibits the issuance and trading of such ETFs due to perceived legal constraints on cryptocurrencies as underlying assets.

Should the FSC maintain its stance against bitcoin funds, the Democratic Party is considering amending financial regulations to facilitate their introduction. This move reflects the party's commitment to expanding access to cryptocurrency investments within South Korea.

Connecting Dots@dharmesh on startups, scaleups and strategy

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