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🌊 Introducing Waivly Discover

The platform to explore game-changing Web3, AI, and tech tools

Hey Waivly Crew!Β Today, we are excited to announce and share with you all our all-new platform, Waivly Discover πŸŽ‰ Discover is the place to explore game-changing Web3, AI, and tech tools and to keep up with the latest products being launched in these areas in one convenient and easy to navigate platform.

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With search as well as categorisation and pricing filters, you can find the exact type of tool that you want at the specific price point that you are open to πŸ™Œ No more searching around, Discover has everything in one place! Alternatively, you can look through all of the tools and find something new that you didn’t even know existed or that you needed.

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Dive into Discover yourself now by clicking here, heading to discover.waivly.com, or by clicking the button below! We are thrilled to be launching this to you all and look forward to seeing it flourish into the destination for future-led tools πŸš€ If you have launched an exciting product, make sure to submit and/or promote it on Discover straight away.

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