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😳 Instagram Tests Unskippable Ads

Users have been forced to take ‘ad breaks’

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Hey Waivly Crew! 🌊 In today’s edition, Instagram stirs up user concerns by testing unskippable ads, while Spotify announces a second price hike for its U.S. subscription plans within a year.

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Here’s what’s on the horizon today:

  • Instagram is testing unskippable ads feature

  • Aptoide launches game store for iOS in Europe

  • How to start a career in Web3

  • Spotify increases prices for second time in a year

Let’s dive in!


Instagram is testing unskippable ads feature

Meta relies heavily on advertising for its profits, with Instagram being a prime platform for this revenue. Recently, Instagram has been experimenting with unskippable ads, causing concern among users. These "ad breaks" interrupt the browsing experience, requiring users to watch them in full before continuing.

Users like Dan Levy have expressed frustration, calling the move "bonkers." While the feature hasn't been rolled out universally, it's being tested among some users. Meta has confirmed the tests, stating they aim to enhance advertiser value but haven't disclosed global applications or plans for other Instagram features like Reels and Stories.

If implemented, Instagram's ad breaks could resemble YouTube's unskippable ads, although Instagram doesn't currently offer a paid ad-free option, except in Europe.

Aptoide launches game store for iOS in Europe

Aptoide, known for its Android app store, is launching a game store for iOS in Europe following the Digital Markets Act (DMA). The store will debut on June 6, offering six initial titles with more to come. Notarization delays have hindered the process for over 100 developers eager to join.

Word Jungle, Condor — Leap of Faith, All-in-one Solitaire, All-in-one Mahjong, and Charades — Guess the Word are among the launch titles, with Word Jungle featuring in-app purchases. Aptoide's unique fee structure charges developers differently based on user acquisition methods.

Aptoide navigated Apple's rigorous application process, experiencing occasional responsiveness issues. Post-launch, the company aims to onboard 500 to 1,000 users daily to stay within the 1 million annual first installs limit, avoiding a core technology fee.

How to start a career in Web3

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Spotify increases prices for second time in a year

Spotify has announced a second price increase within a year for its U.S. subscription plans. The Premium Individual plan will now cost $11.99 monthly, up from $10.99. The Premium Family plan will see a $3 hike, from $16.99 to $19.99 per month.

This marks the first time since its 2011 U.S. launch that Spotify has adjusted its subscription prices, with the last change occurring in July 2023. The company attributes these increases to its commitment to evolving market conditions and maintaining innovation.

Existing subscribers will receive email notifications and a one-month grace period before the new prices take effect, except for the Student plan, which remains at $5.99 per month. Despite the hikes, Spotify's plans are still more affordable than Apple Music's offerings, which start at $10.99 monthly for individuals and $16.99 for families.



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