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The Future of Dating Is AI Chatbots Bumble Founder Says

The Bumble founder expressed how there's a future where that's how we date

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Hey Waivly Crew! In todays edition, we talk Bumbles founders insight into the future of dating, Apple inching closer to a ChatGPT deal with OpenAI, and much more. Lets dive in!

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Franklin Templeton CEO bullish on blockchain technology

Jenny Johnson, CEO of Franklin Templeton, reiterated her support for blockchain technology during an interview with Bloomberg's David Westland at the Milken Institute Global Conference. Johnson highlighted the benefits of tokenization and discussed its impact on investment opportunities.

She emphasized blockchain's efficiency and cost-effectiveness, citing a successful experiment comparing traditional methods with blockchain technology. Johnson predicted a future where ETFs and mutual funds would operate on blockchain due to its ability to streamline data verification processes.

Johnson stressed blockchain's single source of truth, reducing costs and time associated with data reconciliation. She illustrated potential investment diversity through the example of Rihanna's NFT release, showcasing blockchain's role in innovative financial transactions.

Bumble founder: AI personas are the future of dating

Bumble's Whitney Wolfe Herd envisions a future where AI-driven personas facilitate connections in the dating world. Speaking at the Bloomberg Tech Summit, she discussed leveraging AI to empower women seeking meaningful relationships, contemplating its potential to revolutionize the dating landscape.

Herd's proposal sparked debate, with some wary of the concept's resemblance to dystopian narratives like "Black Mirror." Critics voiced concerns about exacerbating societal loneliness and isolation, questioning the impact of AI on human connection.

However, Herd sees AI as a tool for fostering healthier relationships. She suggests AI dating concierges could offer guidance on navigating the complexities of modern dating, aiming to improve communication and foster equitable connections. In this vision, AI becomes a supportive partner in the quest for love and companionship.

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SEC insists that Coinbase 'just does not like the answer'

The SEC has filed a new form opposing Coinbase's request for the development of a new regulatory system for crypto, stating that it's unwarranted. According to the SEC, the current digital asset regulation suffices, and it has already proposed rules addressing concerns regarding crypto securities.

The filing dismisses Coinbase's argument that existing laws are inadequate for digital assets, citing judicial support for the current framework. It also rejects Coinbase's push for new regulations, emphasizing that such action is unnecessary without congressional mandate or imminent threats to public safety.

The SEC asserts its decision against crypto asset rulemaking was justified, cautioning against courts overturning agency denials absent specific circumstances. Economic reasons alone, the SEC argues, do not warrant a regulatory overhaul.

Apple inching closer to ChatGPT deal with OpenAI

Apple is closing in on a deal with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT into the iPhone. Negotiations are underway for the chatbot's inclusion in iOS 18, according to Bloomberg, which cites sources familiar with the matter. Apple is also exploring collaboration with Google for potential integration of its Gemini AI, although no agreement has been reached yet.

OpenAI's upcoming event will focus on updates to ChatGPT and GPT-4, with details on iOS 18 expected at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference next month. In the meantime, OpenAI offers a ChatGPT app for iOS.

Rumors suggest iOS 18 may introduce AI-powered iMessage summarization, analyzing longer messages for relevant information, including company names, people, and locations. Additionally, Apple aims to develop its own large language model for offline AI processing, promising faster responses and enhanced user privacy.

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