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😳 ChatGPT and AI Platforms Go Down

For more than four hours on Tuesday

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Hey Waivly Crew! 🌊 In today’s edition, ChatGPT experiences another major outage, affecting users for several hours. Meanwhile, Twitch announces its first US price hike, raising Tier 1 subscriptions from $4.99 to $5.99 starting July 11.

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Here’s what’s on the horizon today:

  • Sēkr’s new AI tool can plan your next road trip

  • ChatGPT went down twice in massive outage

  • Twitch will raise US subscription prices next month

  • TikTok cyber attack targets 'high-profile' users

Let’s dive in!


Sēkr’s new AI tool can plan your next road trip

Sēkr, a startup for outdoor enthusiasts, is launching an AI road trip planning tool called Copilot. Available on their updated website and app, which serves over 100,000 users, Copilot aims to enhance trip planning by leveraging user reviews and publicly available data.

Founded in 2016 to support the “van life” community in finding suitable campsites, Sēkr was acquired by Peace Vans in December 2023. CEO Harley Sitner, a former Microsoft product manager and longtime app user, took over after the founders decided to unwind the app due to fundraising challenges in 2022.

Copilot, accessible through the “Trip Planning” tab, uses AI from OpenAI and Meta to create customizable itineraries. Users input their destinations and preferences, receiving editable plans that include camping spots, food stops, and outdoor activities.

ChatGPT went down twice in massive outage

After an early-morning outage, OpenAI's ChatGPT experienced another major disruption during daytime hours in the US. "ChatGPT is unavailable for some users," OpenAI stated, beginning at around 10:30 AM ET, with numerous issue reports on Downdetector. The problem was resolved by 1:17 PM ET.

During this time, users also reported issues with Google Gemini, Anthropic’s Claude AI, and Perplexity AI. Google Gemini remained mostly accessible, and Claude's availability returned quickly. By 1:30 PM ET, Perplexity confirmed its AI search tool was back online.

The previous significant ChatGPT outage in November lasted around 90 minutes due to a DDoS attack. Unlike that incident, the recent outage did not affect OpenAI’s API. A Microsoft outage last month also disrupted ChatGPT search features and its Copilot service.

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Twitch will raise US subscription prices next month

Twitch is joining the trend of raising subscription prices, following companies like Spotify and EA. The Amazon-owned platform announced that US Tier 1 subscriptions will increase from $4.99 to $5.99 on July 11, marking the first price hike for American subscribers.

Twitch stated that the price adjustment is part of its effort to help creators grow their communities worldwide. Despite the increase, streamers will still earn 50 to 70 percent through Twitch's revenue-sharing program, potentially earning more per subscription if subscriber numbers hold steady or grow.

This price hike was anticipated after Twitch raised prices in Canada, Australia, Turkey, and the UK in February. The company has faced challenges in 2024, including laying off 500 employees in January to cut costs and achieve profitability.

TikTok cyber attack targets 'high-profile' users

A new TikTok exploit, as reported by Forbes, has compromised high-profile accounts like Paris Hilton's and CNN's through direct messages, with no user interaction required. The exploit's transmission method raises concerns about TikTok's security measures.

Affected accounts, including CNN's, remain dormant, prompting TikTok to take action to restore access. However, the source of the breach, whether internal or external, is yet to be determined. CNN's acknowledgment of lax digital safety practices within its organization adds another layer of complexity to the situation.

This incident follows a previous security breach in 2023, where TikTok acknowledged vulnerabilities in its two-factor authentication system, compromising thousands of accounts. The recurrent nature of such breaches underscores the importance of robust security measures in social media platforms.


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