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πŸŽ‰ Become a Waivly+ member

Enjoy a huge list of exclusive perks for less than the price of a coffee each month

Waivly+ is the premium Waivly membership that gives you access to exclusive content, insights, and news around all things Web3, AI, and tech alongside access to private Waivly Discord channels, a members-only weekly newsletter, events, and so much more, all blended together into one low-cost and quick to join membership!


How much is Waivly+?

We weren’t joking, Waivly+ is literally less than the price of a coffee each month. We also have an annual plan available which grants you the perks that the monthly plan does but at a lower cost than paying monthly, making it a great option to go with if you’re a huge Web3, AI, tech, and Waivly fan and want to enjoy exclusives all year round.


As soon as you join Waivly+, you can get to enjoying your perks straight away and you will be emailed instructions on how to join the private Waivly Discord channels. Your Waivly+ membership is easily manageable through your account on our website and you can adjust your plan between monthly and annually as you please.


Where do I join Waivly+?

To join Waivly+, you can either head over to our website and click on the β€œSubscribe” option, or go to your Waivly account and click the β€œUpgrade to paid” button. You can also press the button below to get taken straight to the Waivly+ page. It takes less than 10 seconds to get onboard meaning that you can get to enjoying your perks quickly!


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