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πŸ‘€ Apple's first AI device to be an iPad?

May be powered by an all-new M4 chip

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Hey Waivly Crew! 🌊 Apple's next-gen iPad Pro is rumored to 'usher in Apple's shift into AI hardware.' Alphabet has announced a $70 billion stock buyback and its first-ever dividend in the company's history.

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Google fires entire Python team for 'cheaper labour'

Google E-E-A-T: What Is It & How To Demonstrate It For SEO

Google's recent layoffs have targeted engineers from its Flutter and Python teams, signaling a tightening of the belt despite a significant rise in profits reported by Alphabet. The Python team is affected, along with an undisclosed number of engineers from Flutter and Dart.

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Kevin Moore, identified as a Google Product Manager for Flutter and Dart, confirmed the layoffs on Reddit, indicating decisions were made higher up within the company. This raises concerns about the fate of Flutter amidst Google's cost-cutting measures.

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Flutter, a Dart-based UI toolkit enabling cross-platform app development, had shown promise but is now facing uncertainties due to Google's restructuring efforts. Additionally, the Python team's roles are reportedly being shifted to a new team in Munich, reflecting broader changes within the organization.

Learn the basic of Machine Learning fundamentals

The Fundamentals Of How Bitcoin Works (5).png

Machine Learning, a cornerstone of data science, involves crafting algorithms to discern patterns from data πŸ“Š Supervised learning, the bedrock, employs labeled datasets to train models for predictions or classifications

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New iPad Pro may use an AI-enabled M4 chip

Apple's upcoming "Let Loose" iPad event, scheduled for May 7, is generating significant anticipation. Recent rumors suggest that the long-awaited OLED iPad Pro might debut with the next-gen M4 chip rather than the anticipated M3. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman speculates that this move could mark Apple's official entry into AI, potentially positioning the tablet as its first AI-powered device.

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Gurman believes Apple will use the event to emphasize the AI capabilities of its products, setting the stage for a deeper dive into AI at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June. This aligns with previous reports indicating Apple's discussions with OpenAI and Google regarding potential AI integrations into iOS 18 features.

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Additionally, the event is expected to unveil updates for the iPad Air and accessories like the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil. Gurman suggests that the new Apple Pencil may incorporate haptic feedback, adding further intrigue to the upcoming showcase.

The Waves

β€Žβ€Žβ€β€πŸ’° Elon Musk is now the richest man againβ€Ž β€Ž

πŸ‘“ Apple Vision Pro said to release end of 2026

πŸ’Έ OpenAI startup fund quietly raises $15 million

🀝 Thoma Bravo to buy Dartrace for around $5.3 billion

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Venture Special

Chat Thing gives you the tools to make AI assistants and bots trained on your content. Save your business hours by creating bots to handle customer support, lead generation, research, and more.

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TrustBox is a whistleblower software crafted to empower individuals to confidentially and securely report unethical behavior, misconduct, or compliance issues within an organization.Β  It provides a secure platform where employees and stakeholders can express their concerns without fear of retaliation.

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Clubistry is the easy solution for clubs seeking to make running a club as fun as being in a club. Effortlessly handle membership management, online payments, website building, and content management in one unified platform.

GitHub unveils Copilot-native developer environment

GitHub unveiled Copilot Workspace, an AI-powered development environment, ahead of its GitHub Universe conference in San Francisco. This tool leverages Copilot-powered agents to assist developers throughout the coding process, from brainstorming to testing, using natural language.

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Jonathan Carter, head of GitHub Next, describes Workspace as an extension of Copilot, addressing developers' challenges in initiating tasks and considering various solutions. With over 1.8 million individual and 50,000 enterprise users, Copilot aims for broader adoption through features like Workspace.

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Despite facing financial losses, GitHub aims to capitalize on Copilot's potential. Workspace, supported by OpenAI's GPT-4 Turbo model, offers developers assistance in bug fixing and feature implementation within GitHub repositories, streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity.

Google parent announces first-ever dividend


Google has grappled with significant challenges over the past year, notably the emergence of generative AI and mounting regulatory pressures. This transformative period has prompted substantial internal changes, with a renewed emphasis on AI initiatives across various divisions.

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In response to these shifts, Google executives undertook project cuts and staff layoffs to streamline operations. Recently, the company announced its inaugural dividend and a $70 billion share repurchase program alongside its Q1 2024 earnings report. These financial moves have resonated positively with investors, propelling Alphabet to reach and sustain a $2 trillion market cap.

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In the face of uncertainties surrounding the monetization of generative AI, Google has reported early successes in leveraging AI technologies for advertising and customer service enhancements. CEO Sundar Pichai stressed the company's cautious approach to integrating AI into search functionalities, prioritizing user experience while supporting website and merchant traffic.

Waivly Work Highlights

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πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Front-End Engineer at VALR

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