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Alibaba to support Meta's AI model

Will allow clients to develop programs based off Llama 2

Hey Waivly Crew! Binance has withdrawn its application for a crypto license in Germany. Alibaba is bringing Metas new open-source AI model to its cloud computing platform.

Binance withdraws crypto license application in Germany

Binance has withdrawn its application for a license from German financial regulator BaFin, marking the latest European regulatory setback faced by the crypto exchange.

Binance confirms that it has proactively withdrawn its BaFin application, a spokesperson for the company said on Wednesday. The situation, both in the global market and regulation has changed significantly. Binance still intends to apply for appropriate licensing in Germany, but it is essential that our submission.

The statement comes a month after Finance Forward reported that BaFin had denied Binance's application for a crypto custody license. At the time, Binance told the news outlet that conversations were still ongoing.

Binance has also recently exited the Netherlands, deregistered entities in Cyprus and the U.K., withdrawn its license application in Austria, and has been ordered to stop operating in Belgium.

Outside of Europe, the exchange has restrictions from Australia on operating a derivatives exchange and ceased operations in Canada.

The Waves

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AI Special

Alibaba Cloud on making a difference with AI, big data - DCD

Alibaba's cloud computing division has become the first Chinese enterprise to support Meta's open-source artificial intelligence model,Llama.

Accordingto a report from Reuters, which cited an official statement from Alibaba Cloud via its WeChat account, it has deployed a Llama 2-based solution to enable businesses to develop software and tools using AI:

"Today, Alibaba Cloud has launched the first training and deployment solution for the entire Llama 2 series in China, welcoming all developers to create customized large models on Alibaba Cloud."

Metas Llama 2 model wasreleasedon July 18 as a free-to-use alternative available to businesses put off by the price of ChatGPT's premium model.

The announcement from Meta highlighted that Microsoft remained its preferred partner for Llama 2, while it would be freely available for research and commercial use.

Meta also noted that it was adopting an open approach and providing increased access to foundational AI technology to benefit businesses worldwide.

This includes supporting companies building products on Llama 2, cloud providers including the model in their offerings, as well as research efforts exploring safe and responsible deployment of large generative models.


Artificial intelligence could have feelings and one day deserve political rights, according to a pioneer of the technology.

Geoffrey Hinton, who is widely regarded as the Godfather of AI, recently attended a talk at Kings College, Cambridge.

When asked if AI could develop emotions, he replied: I think they could well have feelings. They wont have pain the way we do but things like frustration and anger, I dont see why they shouldnt have those.

Hinton added that his definition of feelings was unpopular among philosophers. A lot of the time when we talk about feelings were giving hypothetical actions, and they let you know something about my state. So I say to you, I feel like punching Gary on the nose what Im giving you is a hypothetical action in order to tell you about my emotional state.

The computer scientist, who quit his job at Google in May to warn about the dangers of AI, won the 2018 Tuning Award for his work on machine-learning algorithms.

His resignation sparked a wave of concern about the future of AI, and his views have been sought by governments working to regulate the technology.

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