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✈️ Airlines Pay For Your Delays Now

Under a new Department of Transportation rule

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Hey Waivly Crew! 🌊 The US has introduced new regulations requiring airlines to offer automatic refunds for flight changes. Adobe researchers have developed an AI model that can upscale blurry videos at up to eight times their original resolution.

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Airlines will now give automatic refunds when your flight is delayed

The Department of Transportation (DOT) finalized rules mandating airlines to automatically refund passengers for flight cancellations, delays, or significant changes, offering reimbursement in cash or original payment form. Alternatively, passengers can opt for travel credit, other transportation, or another flight.

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Airlines must refund passengers for flights significantly altered, defined as a three-hour change for domestic flights or six hours for international ones. Additionally, if checked bags are notably delayed, passengers can claim a refund for baggage fees within specific timeframes.

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The DOT will enforce these rules gradually over the next six to 12 months, alongside requiring airlines to disclose additional fees upfront, such as checked bags and reservation cancellations.

TikTok Lite axes reward-to-watch feature in EU

TikTok Lite users in Europe will no longer earn daily rewards of 38 cents due to a regulatory investigation into its potential to foster addiction, especially among youth.


The app, launched recently in France and Spain, offers a lighter version for slow internet connections, featuring a rewards system for activities like watching videos and liking content. However, the European Commission raised concerns about its impact on children's addictive behavior, prompting TikTok to suspend the feature in the EU.


The investigation, under the EU's Digital Services Act, questions TikTok's age verification measures, suggesting they might not effectively restrict underage users. Despite the spokesperson's assurance that the feature is inaccessible to those under 18, the commission's inquiry casts doubt on the efficacy of TikTok's safeguards.

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AI Special

Adobe has introduced VideoGigaGAN, an AI feature aimed at upscaling video by eight times without typical artifacts, such as flickering or distortion. Unlike other Video Super Resolution (VSR) methods, VideoGigaGAN prioritizes sharpness and detail while avoiding common GAN-induced issues.

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The technology generates impressive details, like skin textures and fine hairs, although it's not suitable for forensic video enhancement due to its speculative nature. Adobe's approach combines various techniques, including "temporal attention" and feature propagation, to produce realistic results.

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If integrated into software like Premiere Pro or After Effects, VideoGigaGAN could significantly enhance the quality of low-resolution footage, though the ethical implications of using AI to alter people remain controversial.

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Microsoft's cloud sales exceeded analysts' expectations, driven by growing demand for AI technologies. The company reported strong revenue and earnings for the quarter ending March 31, signaling robust interest in AI-powered services like chatbots and smart assistants.

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Chief Financial Officer Amy Hood noted that current AI demand outstrips available capacity, prompting increased capital spending on infrastructure. Microsoft's capital expenditures rose to $14 billion in the quarter, reflecting a strategic focus on supporting AI technologies.

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Microsoft's investments in AI, including a $13 billion commitment to OpenAI, have positioned it as a leader in the generative AI space. The company's 365 Copilot, an AI assistant integrated into productivity apps, represents a key product in this portfolio, although specific sales figures have not been disclosed.

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